Chantal Baudron, Business Angel for, ranked in top 5 HR start-up of the year, a French start-up founded in 2017 by Vincent Lebunetel, Grégoire Boutin, Catalin Ciobanu, and Carlos Sanchez (see picture),created the SaaS solution, which allows HRD to map business areas and competencies. Boost offers an overview of the skills within a company. The HR department is thus equipped with an automated and customizable reference guide.

After € 1.5 M in capital were raised among business angels, especially Chantal Baudron, the start-up is launching a remastered version of the application. In 3 clicks, you are now able to match talents with available skills!

« We noticed a 38% drop in recruitment mistakes using », stated FCM Travel HRD Caroline Noizet.

This tool allows you to source potential candidates within your company 7 times faster.
The company, funded by Chantal Baudron and rewarded by RMS, was ranked in the top 5 HR start-ups in 2018.

Source for text and photo : Le Monde

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