I “fell in” with recruitment very early in life. After finishing my psychology studies (Psychoprat and Sorbonne),I started as a consultant at the Bernard Krief firm, where I grew to become Managing Director of what was, at the time, the largest structure in the field of recruitment consultancy.

Backed by this successful experience, I founded Chantal Baudron SA in 1980, while keeping my commitment to my employer and taking no client, no consultant, and no file with me! I had to start again from the ground up… but I soon realised that integrity has its rewards.

I chose to favour slow growth, focusing on the quality of my collaborators, the efficiency of our methods, and building lasting relationships with clients.

Today, Chantal Baudron SAS is a prominent player in the field of recruitment.

I believe our professional counterparts have respect for us. Since I believe in collaboration (even if it is not very trendy these days),I offered twenty of them to create “the Circle”, a kind of think-tank in the field, of which I am Chairman and whose baseline is “growing together”. Fifteen years later, we are still true to this motto.

I also believe our clients have a positive image of us; the rate of loyal clients reassures us when it comes to our quality of service; some of them have been working with us for 30 years… they are our best promoters.

And finally, I believe our candidates hold us in high regard; they are our first resource when it comes to developing new clients, even beyond the ones we found a position for; the creation of the “Engas” community has strengthened the bond with the latter.

Signature Baudron

On a personal note, there are three great moments I feel proud and happy of: in 2008, I was knighted in the order of the Légion d’Honneur by Jacques Landreau, ex-President of our professional union, and I strive to make myself worthy of the title. You can look up the speeches made at the ceremony.

In 2010, while celebrating the 30th anniversary of Chantal Baudron SAS, I had the privilege to name the rose “Chantal Baudron”, grown by Jean-Pierre Guillot. Isn’t having a rose named after oneself like being offered a fragment of eternity? In any case, this kind of acknowledgement is flattering! You can also look up the speeches given during the 30th anniversary reception.

Lastly, meeting young start-up founders drives me to assist them by investing in their companies while constantly advising them, especially when it comes to human resources. This is how I proudly find myself nominated to be the number one female business angel in France in 2018 (Etudes Challenges Angel Square).

Chantal Baudron, on the « Qui êtes vous ? » Show on Business FM

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