Objectif de l'assessment

What for?

During a buy-out or an acquisition to assess the teams in place.

During the final phase of a recruiting process to confirm a choice and better understand how a candidate works (frames of reference, areas for development…).

To identify potential: identify the developing talent already present in your company, support the growth of future managers.

Assessment is one of the most trustworthy evaluation methods. It’s of precious assistance in the decision-making process.

Our Methods

We offer a set of tools that allow detailed evaluation of the aptitudes, behaviours, and personalities of one or more candidates, using precise specifications:

Definition of your needs, confirmation of the context, and development of an appropriate assessment

Use of a SOSIE 2 type personality inventory

A meeting with a human resources professional (2 hours long)

This meeting allows for better understanding of the personality, motivations, and values of the person being assessed

One or more interview role play exercises

To observe how a candidate functions in new situations (people skills, analysis, thought process, decision making, leadership…)


Oral debrief with the person(s) assessed and provision of a written in-depth summary including:

  • Frames of reference
  • Progress points and levers for development
  • Recommendations

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