What for?

You have to plan ahead if you want to recruit talented staff members to enhance your teams with the best professionals in their fields.

You need to define your talent acquisition strategy and be one step ahead of any change within your teams so that you can best accompany your firm’s growth or reorganisation.

Our Methods

Our vision of the market

We provide you with a precise vision of the market and the structure of your competitors’ teams. This corporate intelligence allows you to get a better understanding of your competitors and to remain ahead of them.

Our talent pool

You can draw up a pool of potential talent and monitor their professional evolution. Your market knowledge allows you to be agile and act quickly when there’s movement within your teams or departures.

Direct approach

In a highly competitive environment, you wish to obtain substantive mapping results from a direct approach to candidates identified. This corresponds to the challenges you’re facing (repositioning your company, steering a new project, diversifying your teams, etc.).
In such cases, we provide you with the headhunted candidates’ compensation details.

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