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Chantal Baudron, created in 1980 and named after its founder, plays a leading part in the field of recruitment.

I happened into recruitment very early in life. After finishing my psychology studies (Psychoprat and Sorbonne), I started as a consultant at Bernard Krief Consultants, where I grew to become Managing Director of what was, at the time, the largest structure in the field of recruitment consultancy.

With this successful experience behind me, I founded Chantal Baudron in 1980, and in keeping with my commitment to my employer, I took no clients, consultants or files with me! I had to start over from scratch… But all this would simply prove what I had always believed: integrity is a core value.
I chose to favour slow growth, focusing on the quality of my co-workers, the efficiency of our methods, and building lasting relationships with clients.


Chantal Baudron


Today, Chantal Baudron is a prominent player in the recruitment field.

I believe that I can safely say our professional counterparts have respect for us. Since I believe in collaboration I suggested to around 20 of them that we found “the Circle”, a kind of professional think-tank, of which I am Chairman, and whose baseline is “growing together”. Fifteen years later, we are still true to this motto.

I also believe our clients respect us. The percentage of loyal clients we have reassures us as to the quality of our service. Some of them have been working with us for 30 years. They are our best promoters.

And finally, I also believe our candidates respect us. They are our first resource when it comes to finding new clients, not just the candidates we’ve placed. Creating the “Engas” community has strengthened our ties with them.

On a personal note, there are two wonderful moments I feel proud and happy of: in 2008, I was made a Chevalier of the French Legion of Honour, and in 2022, I was presented with the distinction of Officer of the French National Order of Merit.

In 2010, to celebrate 30 years of Chantal Baudron recruitment consultancy, the “Chantal Baudron” rose, grown by Jean-Pierre Guillot, was named after me. Isn’t having a rose named after you rather like being offered a fragment of eternity? In any case, this kind of acknowledgement flatters the ego!

Lastly, meeting young start-up founders motivated me to assist them by investing in their companies while continuing to advise them, particularly in terms of human resources. That is how I proudly found myself nominated female business angel of the year in France in 2018 (Etudes Challenges Angel Square).

The Firm Today

Une approche différente

A Distinct Approach

In a rapidly evolving market, our agility allows us to respond quickly and judiciously to all requests, particularly for positions where there’s a lack of suitable applicants.
In addition to finding the right skillsets in our candidates, we attach great importance to matching their soft skills, motivations and values to our clients’ culture.

Our Values

Today, the firm comprises a team of experienced consultants who all share this vision of recruitment: we say what we do and do what we say!

The firm’s success and its excellent reputation on the market, with both companies and candidates, is most certainly due to the courage and loyalty that are core elements of Chantal Baudron’s mindset.

Thecourage, in 1980 to create a recruitment firm that looks at the big picture
The courage to present a range of profiles and to have understood, early on, the importance of soft skills
The courage to choose slow growth and to remain a boutique firm
The courage to provide support to over 120 start-ups today, both as an investor and HR advisor

Loyalty shared with clients, whose fidelity is a marvellous proof of their truest
Loyalty shared with candidates who know that we respect them
Loyalty shared with our team members who are a part of our family
And finally, loyalty partagée avec l’ensemble de la profession au travers du think tank le Cercle

« The greatness of a profession is perhaps, first and foremost, uniting all men. There is only one true luxury, that of human relationships. ».

Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

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